Flower of Life Kratom Society Membership Application

I, _________________________________, declare that I am a Natural person 18 or more years of age, that I have freely exercised my will and chosen to join the Flower of Life Kratom Society.

I claim Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) as my Sacrament.

I will never use the Sacrament, to seek any advantage over my brothers and sisters, always holding to the ideal of, “do no harm”.

I will share the knowledge of the Sacrament, with only those people who are interested in learning.





Please print, your name & your mailing address below.



Mailing Address:


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Membership is $25/year

Please enclose Check or Money order for the correct amount, and mail to the address below.

Gardens of the Ancients
4800 Yager Ln.
Manor, Texas